Course Dates:                                POST Control Number:

            tbd                                                  5590-30900-15-001


  • Times: 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. (Mon - Fri)   

  • POST Plan IV

  • Fee: tbd

  • Payable to: The Office of the Sheriff, Contra Costa County LETC

This course is designed to introduce entry level Public Safety Dispatchers, and anyone interested in pursuing a dispatching career, to the basic methodology of dispatcher communications. Course instruction includes topics in: Ethics, Criminal Justice System, Introduction to Law, Interpersonal Communication, Telephone Technology and Procedures, Missing Persons, Domestic Violence, Community Policing/Cultural Diversity/Hate Crimes/Gang Awareness, Child/Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse, Law Enforcement Telecommunications, Radio Technology and Procedures, Resources/Referral Services, Critical Incidents, and Wellness Management.

****  Students must  maintain a 95% attendance standard in this course per POST standards. Students cumulatively absent for more than 5% of the course, or absent for a reason not deemed excusable by the Training Center staff, will be subject to course disqualification.


            POST Certified

            120-hour course


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To Register Call: (925) 427-8230
 or dowload the  In-Service Registration Form and fax it to: (925) 427-8497


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