Course Dates:               POST Control Number:

08/11/14 - 08/13/14               5590-20785-14-001

08/25/14 - 08/27/14                5590-20785-14-002                  


  • Times: 8a.m. - 5p.m.
  • POST Plan II
  • Fee: Direct bill to POST (no tuition for Peace Officers)  MAXIMUM ENROLLMENT 8

This  24-hour course satisfies Driver Simulator Instructor content requirements for POST certified courses. It is designed to teach instructors how to operate the instructor work station and simulators, present scenarios in a manner that provides a new approach to traditional training methods, prepare and give a presentation on topics related to law enforcement driving and to increase students knowledge on case law and departmental policy.

Course Location: Concord Crowne Plaza Hotel,
45 John Glenn Drive
Concord, CA. 9452

Room reservations:  click here to reserve a hotel room  Sheriff Contra Costa

To Register Call: (925) 427-8230
or dowload the  In-Service Registration Form and fax it to: (925) 427-8497