183rd Basic Academy Class smalllogo

Orientation:  Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Start Date:  Monday, January 30, 2017

Graduation Date:  Friday, July 28, 2017


184th Basic Academy Class

Orientation:  Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Start Date:  Monday, May 15, 2017

Graduation Date:  Thursday, November 9, 2017


185th Basic Academy Class

Orientation:  Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Start Date:  Monday, October 30, 2017

Graduation Date:  Friday, May 4, 2018

Application deadline for Non Affiliated Students is August 25, 2017


186th Basic Academy Class   **Dates are Tentative

Orientation:  Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Start Date:  Monday, May 14, 2018

Graduation Date:  Friday, November 16, 2018





            Regular Basic Academy -  Module III  **Not offering at this time

            Regular Basic Academy -  Module II   **Not offering at this time

            Regular Basic Academy  - Module I    **Not offering at this time 

The Basic Academy is a fully functional law enforcement training facility. As well as the main academy building in Pittsburg CA, the academy is comprised of a firing range, driving range, and off site “simulated ammunitions” enclosed dwellings.

The California Commission on Police Officer Standards and Training certifies the Basic Academy.  It is required for those individuals seeking a position as a full time peace officer in California.



The Basic Academy is a 26-week law enforcement academy.  The academy is para-military and highly disciplined. The recruits who are accepted into the academy are either hired  by a law enforcement agency or selected as a “non-affiliated recruit” or student.  A non-affiliated recruit is chosen by the academy staff based in their written test score, results of a background investigation, and an  interview.

Once accepted into the Basic Academy, recruits are expected to perform at the  standards set by the academy staff.  Academy Instructors are drawn from highly trained members of law enforcement from around the Bay Area. The instructors are experts in their field  and offer on the job experience coupled with specialized training.  The instruction techniques range from lecture to role playing, to hands-on training.

The academy recruits are required to participate in a rigorous physical fitness program that pushes them to improve and then maintain their physical and mental fitness throughout their law enforcement careers. The academy has a“state of the art” fitness center that rivals most commercial fitness centers.

As well as written examinations and physical tests, the recruits will be expected to master the technical skills of firearms operation, defensive tactics, and emergency vehicle operation (EVOC). Subject matter expert instructors from each of these areas will train and test recruits to meet rigorous standards set by POST and the academy.  gym4

At the end of the 26 weeks, provided the recruit has met all of the standards and passed all of the required tests, the recruit will graduate from the Basic Academy with a POST Basic Academy Certificate.  Through a partnership with Los Medanos College, each recruit will also earn college credits (see accreditation below).  Once a recruit has graduated from the Basic Academy, he or she is eligible for employment as a peace officer in most California jurisdictions.


The Basic Academy at the Contra Costa County Law Enforcement Training Center prides itself on being one of the finest academies in the state. Recruits graduating will achieve sound performance in all the Core Competencies of law enforcement: Leadership, Officer Safety, Use of Force, Legal Authority/Individual Rights, Police Vehicle Operation, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving/Decision-Making, Communication, Ethics, Stress Tolerance and Emotional Maturity, Local Procedures.

By employing the finest instructors, utilizing state of the art facilities and an absolute commitment to the success of the recruits, The Contra Costa County Law Enforcement Training Center graduates law enforcement professionals who are second to none!


Cost: The cost of the Basic Academy is $4,385.00**, which includes college registration and all associated training and material fees, including the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course***

Scholarships - Bay Alarm Company may provide LETC Non-Affiliated Recruits (those not currently employed by an Agency) with scholarship funds, offsetting the cost of the Basic Academy. 

For more information regarding scholarships, please call the Academy at  (925) 427-8238.

Military Veterans: The Contra Costa County Law Enforcement Training Center Basic  Academy is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs for VA benefits, under the G.I. Bill.  Law enforcement is a challenging and rewarding career, and an excellent opportunity to utilize your training and experience from your military service.  The Contra Costa County Law Enforcement Training Center Basic Academy can help you achieve your professional goals. Additional resources/help may be available to veterans once registered as a student  through our partner, Los Medanos College, at:


Accreditation: Graduates earn college credit from Los Medanos College and receive P.O.S.T. certification.  Semester units are available for the Basic Academy, both Modular and Intensive formats.  See the LMC website/catalog for specifics:


Registration: To apply for the Basic Academy, students must complete and pass the P.O.S.T. Pellet B exam, certified reading and writing comprehension test to obtain a T-Score of 40 or above to be accepted in the Basic Academy. This must be submitted with the Academy Student Application to be eligible for the academy.  The Contra Costa County Law Enforcement Training Center is not offering the P.O.S.T. Pellet B exam at this time.  We will accept POST Pellet B T-scores taken at other facilities.

Location: The Basic Academy meets at the Law Enforcement Training Center at 340 Marina Boulevard, Pittsburg. Firearms, field tactics, and driver training are held at off campus sites. Schedules and locations are subject to change.

**additional $500-$800 (approx.) for uniforms 
***EVOC fee may be reimbursed by P.O.S.T. for affiliated students.  
For more information: on the Basic P.O.S.T. Academy call (925) 427-8238 

Upcoming PELLET B (POST Entry Level Law Enforcement Test Battery) Offerings:

Dates To Be Determined  **We no longer offer the POST Pellet B Test.

Location: Law Enforcement Training Center, 340 Marina Boulevard, Pittsburg, CA 94565

There is an Applicant Preparation Guide available at: http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/poWrittenPracticeTest.pdf


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